Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

what do bed bugs look likeThey’re creepy, and they’re crawly.

They’re difficult to spot, especially during daylight hours. You may not even know they’re there. But they’re causing all sorts of problems for homeowners, hotel owners, retail stores, and even hospitals.

They are bed bugs, which are becoming a real nuisance to people all across the world.

Hotels are closing down because of them. Retail stores have shut down for lengthy periods of time struggling to get rid of them. Hospitals are scrambling to do damage control as they phone extermination companies while managing potential PR disasters. Even university dorm rooms are struggling with these pesky little critters that leave largely swollen bite marks and an over-ripened raspberry stench.

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So how do bed bugs get into these places? How do you get rid of them? And what can you do to exterminate them for good?

First of all, bed bugs are not indicative of poor hygiene. If you find bed bugs in your home, it’s not because you are a dirty person or have a filthy home. Instead bed bugs travel in fabrics, such as purses, luggage, sweaters, and jackets. They also nestle in old mattresses, bed comforters, box springs, chairs, and couches after traveling.

Key Hiding Places of Bed Bugs

Box springs make up the largest percentage of bed bug infestations at 34.6 percent, followed by couches/chairs at 22.6 percent, and third, mattresses, at 22.4 percent.

Getting rid of bed bugs requires the assistance of a pest control company experienced in bed bug extermination. An exterminator will use highly-specialized tools to search your home, determining if you do, in fact, have bed bugs. Then the exterminator will use the proper extermination chemicals to kill off the bed bugs.

bed bug bites photos

Bed Bug Bites & Prevention

They look a lot like mosquito bites or ant bites, but are often grouped in large cluster patterns of bites, creating a bad, itchy rash.

As far as prevention, you will want to make sure to routinely vacuum mattresses and other crevices in fabrics, and do so extensively. You’ll want to make sure to hang all jackets and coats up rather than placing them on beds, couches, and furniture. The same goes for suitcases and purses. Hang purses up and keep luggage off the floor.

The Urban Origins of Newfound Bed Bug Bites

Do not bring any mattresses or furniture into your home without inspecting it thoroughly for signs of these little monsters. This isn’t just exclusive to old furniture either. New furniture can contract bed bugs in the store or warehouse it came from! In fact, a popular New York City retailer had to shut down its store for a couple of weeks because bed bugs were found in its bedding department.

While bed bugs are becoming more and more difficult to prevent, following the tips above and knowing what to look for, will keep you and your belongings safe.

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