train-your-dog-month For the dog lovers, you know how much your dog means to you. Each and every dog does its best to please its owner either by licking, entertaining and playing with you. It is so relaxing to come back home exhausted from a long day at work and meet your dog ready to lift your moods.

It is, therefore, important to teach your dog fun and easy tricks that will exercise their mental and physical abilities. This reduces the boredom of repeating the same routines a dog does such as licking and jumping. It helps the dog to understand how to please and bond with its owner better. Most dog owners have trained their dog how to sit, stand and heel. It is now time that you took the training to another level.
Below are the guidelines to follow:

Hold your dog’s favorite treat

High five-This is a very fun way, especially with kids. Hold your dog’s favorite treat in front of him this is after commanding it to sit. Make sure that the treat you are holding is to some extent out of reach.

While softly tapping one of his feet command “high five” these will prompt the dog to paw at the treat with their foot raised up. With your open hand grasp the foot the dog raises. Make sure that you praise your dog for achieving this. In order for this to be a routine for the dog, make sure you repeat it more often not forgetting to mention the command several times. Be patient with your dog.

Commanding your dog

Back up-This is a trick you have to teach your dog. Begin by commanding your dog to stay. After this, move away from your dog and then look at him. Command your dog to “back up” and head towards him this will prompt your dog to make some backwards movement. Immediately you notice your dog moving back, praise him and serve him his favorite treat. It is important to repeat this process several times not forgetting to mention the command “back up”.

Army crawling

Army crawling-This trick is the best in maintaining your dog’s physical fitness. While you may notice your dog crawling by itself, it is paramount to teach him this fun way. Make sure that your dog is in the lie-down position. Grasp a treat with your hand tightly such that your dog can’t snatch it.

Then hold the treat in front of your dog’s nose in a way they can lick it and smell it.Drag the treat alongside the floor, the dog will slowly crawl to reach the treat and as soon as you realize this move appreciate your dog and go on with this routine until the dog follows it.Whenever your dog gets up to reach the treat, withdraw it.


Dance-Before introducing your dog to this trick, it is important to know the condition of your dog. For example, check their weight and their hind legs. Once your dog is ready hold a treat in your hand.

Then ensure that your dog is sitting down then raise the treat above your dog’s head and sideways ensure that your dog follows it.Keep instructing the dog to dance, jump and spin. Keep doing this and try new styles do not forget to appreciate your dog from time to time.

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