Are hotels failing to do their part to fight bed bugs?

When picturing that nice long vacation in that you really need, no one ever pictures the worst. You picture long nice walks, beautiful scenery, and breakfast in bed in that nice hotel that you have planned on boarding.

careful- bed bugs could be in your suit case

Just as it is possible to get all that you had expected and even more, it is possible for your getaway – and your home – to be ruined by a very infinitesimal problem, bed bugs. There is a common misconception that bed bugs affect only those who are poor and dirty, but this could not be farther from the truth.

dead bed bugs
dead bed bugs
There are many ways that one can get infested by bedbugs. A guest invited in your home with bedbugs, or when you rent out a hotel room that unknowingly, is bedbug infested then when you move out, you carry them to your home. They can go undetected for a while until they grow in number as their bites are commonly mistaken for those of an allergic reaction or a mosquito bite, as was the case with mStar editor, Zainal Azhar Mohamed.

Bed bug sprays don’t work

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how do you get bed bugs

He got the infestation from a hotel in Vietnam that he had visited the previous year and did not realize until it was too late. He even visited three different doctors who said the bite marks were from an allergic reaction or mosquitoes. Fast forward a couple of months later, he decided that he could not be able to rid himself off the bugs because he had tried everything so he decided to move out.

Another victim, L. Sasha, also decided to move out of a bed bug ridden hotel room that she had rented after battling with them for a couple of months. The infestation was so severe that it had a toll on her mentally. It had gotten to the point that every spec that she saw, she would freak out thinking it was a bedbug.

In some cases where the bedbugs are acquired from a hotel room to one’s home, it is so severe that the thought of going to bed sends a chill down one’s spine, just as the case of Star Media Group digital content manager, Lim Cheng Hoe. His case was so stark that his room started to have a musky smell and when he “sterilized his bead”, the nuisance reduced.

For the financially capable ones, it is possible to just switch hotel rooms or just pay for pest control services, but what of those who have no option?

bed bugs in hotels

This is the case for those who live in a weekly Hotel – The Airport Parkway Inn and Suites in Wilkinson Boulevard. Built to house low income families that have kids, those with nowhere else to go, and the disabled, this inn is a hub for these nagging insects. The only way to prevent sleeping in the streets by these people is to sleep in ram shackled and vermin infested buildings.

Even though there have been inspections in the inn, closure would lead to many of the people losing a place they call home. The management complained that with the meager price they pay for a room, there is no way to keep the inn clean and vermin free.

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