What are the effects of DHT deficiency in men

What is DHT deficiency?

DHT means Dihydrotestosterone in full. It is a condition mostly found in male and it affects the male sexual development. According to medical experts this happens before and during birth. This happens when the male bodies does not produce enough of the DHT chromosome. DHT is created when the androgen and the 5-alpha- reductase enzyme mix in the normal process of metabolism.

A shortage of DHT means the disruption in the process of the male sexual development and the formation of external sex organs before birth. This hormone is one of the strongest in the male bodies and therefore excess or too much of it can have also some effects.

In simple medical terms, it is having production of testosterone in excess amounts. It is essential for the normal sexual behavior in males and helps in building up protein. It is also involved in the metabolic activities in the body like:

· Production of the blood cells

· Bone formation

· Carbohydrate metabolism

· Liver function

Additionally it is also essential in the development of the facial hair (during puberty), prostate enlargement a process called prostatic hypertrophy.

What are the effects of DHT deficiency in men?

Ironically as much as it is responsible for the facial hair DHT also causes hair loss in men. It is of important to note that proper nutrition is required but again that doesn’t counter the effects of DHT.

An adult male experiencing some high levels of DHT in his body will not have any recognizable physical features. This is when the cases of sexual preferences come in at a later stage of life for instance someone might feel like they are more of the female side rather than the male sex. Other effects of this deficiency in men include:

· The affected person tends to experience excess sweating

· The feeling of being aggressive.

· Increase in the red blood cell count –very high count

· There is high risk of getting high blood pressure

· Skin condition known as acne (painful skin, spots)

· Causes Apnea (one or more pauses when breathing or relatively shallow breathing when asleep).

Effects of Finasteride

Finasteride is a drug used to treat enlarged prostate otherwise known as benign prostatic hyperplasia and also loss of hair. It does so by stimulating the development of the male organs such as the testes, scrotum and the penis. It was approved in the year 1992 for use in the United States. It increases the risk of prostate cancer among men therefore when using this type of drug it is Important to discuss in details with your doctor.

Proscar is available in generic form. There are various propecia side effects like impotence, loss of interest in sex, dizziness,weakness and many more.So be careful while taking these drugs.

In matters relating to DHT this drug reduces the conversion of the male testosterone into DHT eventually resulting to higher levels of the same testosterone in the body. According to medical research it increases by 15%. On the other side high levels of testosterone can cause death through heart attack. Both the DHT and estrogen in the body of a male must be at a level balance but with the intake of finasteride this balance will be affected.

For these two hormones the, estrogen will be highly feminizing while the DHT will be highly masculinizing. It is important to get as much information as possible from your doctor on matters relating to the prescription of this drug.