Surgery and Stopping Snoring: Is a Medical Procedure the Answer to your Sleep Apnea?

The National Institute of Health has found that the typical laser surgeries performed on sleep apnea and snoring patients have failed to yield a conclusive result in being effective, saying:

These studies do not provide any evidence of effect from laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty or radiofrequency ablation on daytime sleepiness, apnea reduction, quality of life or snoring.


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This is consistent with other usual established hierarchies of sleep apnea treatment: CPAP > oral appliance devices > surgery for sleep apnea

The #1 Cure for Sleep Apnea

According to Dr. Lawrence Epstein, assistant medical director of clinical sleep medicine at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital:

Though losing weight is easier said than done, it can yield real results. “If we can get people to lose weight, it would make both sleep apnea and other health problems [such as heart disease] go away,” says Dr. Epstein. Losing just 10% of body weight can have a big effect on sleep apnea symptoms. In some cases, losing a significant amount of weight can even cure the condition.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring are very common types of sleep disorders experienced in about 80 million Americans, and 80% of those people go undiagnosed and untreated. The result of all that sleep deprivation results in billions of dollars in damages and lost productivity to the economy.

As many as 1500 people die in automobile accidents yearly from sleep related crashes.

One Crazy but Proven Effective Treatment for Sleep Apnea: Singing


For those of us who sing or who have done vocal lessons, workouts, and warmups, it’s not a stretch of the mind or the vocal cords to immediately see the value in exercising the throat specifically for the sake of treating sleep apnea.

But it’s 100% true, vocal practice can also treat sleep apnea:

One study published in the International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery concluded that:

“Improving the tone and strength of pharyngeal muscles with a 3 month program of daily singing exercises reduces the severity, frequency and loudness of snoring, and improves symptoms of mild to moderate sleep apnea”.

Another study undertaken at the University of Exeter concluded that:

“Snoring was on average reduced, especially in subjects who performed the exercises accurately and consistently”.

sleep apnea surgery side effectsWith all these options available, it’s easy to see how stopping snoring and effectively overcoming sleep apnea is more a matter of discipline and regular exercise, rather than unnecessary surgery.

Though no surgeon ever bought a new Ferrari because of it. But I’m sure they’re not losing sleep over all the pain and complications sleep apnea surgery can cause too.

A Natural Snoring Solution For a Peaceful Sleep You Should Know

Snoring is the unpleasant sound caused by the vibration of the parts of the nose, mouth or throat structures that obstruct breathing during sleep. The noise this causes may be soft or loud, and the blockage may be slight or severe. Among the other factors are while sleeping the throat closes due to weakness.

Millions of people worldwide have problems with snoring. The problem gets worse with increasing age. Physiological characteristics of our body and changes in our lifestyle make us likely to have snoring problems, affecting men and women but being more common in men and in the people who are overweight.

Finding a cure for your snoring problem can result in good life for you and for your loved ones. Here are some snoring solutions that you can try that may help you.

Since obesity predisposes a person to snore, it would be best to start to lose weight

This is by engaging in a balanced diet and having a regular exercise routine. Keep in mind that obesity also predisposes you to a lot of chronic diseases that are often permanent or irreversible. By losing weight and maintaining the healthy weight range, you can avoid snoring and developing chronic diseases.

Try to lower the amount of alcohol consumption

Experts have found out that most people with this issue snore even louder when they drink alcohol before sleeping. Alcohol can cause various alternatives in the systems, other than its depressant effects. When a person drinks alcohol, the muscles tend to relax. Included in these relaxed tongue muscle, which tends to block the airways during sleeping.

Try to alter your sleeping position

People who sleep flat tend to snore because lung expansion is not allowed and gravity tries to push the tongue back. The best-recommended position for sleeping is to sleep sideways, or in a side-lying position. Sleeping in the side-lying posture can also help in empty deposits that could block the airways. It is also advisable for patients who snore to sleep with two to three pillows to elevate the head. This can promote better lung expansion and prevent snoring.

Try to stop having heavy meals for dinner


Persons who usually take heavy meals at dinner are encouraged to stop this habit because it doesn’t bring anything beneficial. Aside from the fact that the body’s metabolism is slowed down during sleeping, it could also cause acid reflux. Acid reflux would then result in snoring,the danger it may cause to the gullet of the person. The gullet lining is not able to protect the gullet because of the acidity caused by acid reflux.

Dairy products should also be avoided at night

Dairy products can increase mucus production that could block your nasal airways which often results in snoring. Mucus can also form in your throat which could increase the intensity of snoring.Instead of these you can take green tea,turmeric,cardamom etc in daily routine to reduce snoring. You can also check other natural good morning snore solution review online and used in your day to day life which is beneficial to stop snoring.

For people who are having difficulties in sleeping, they would often resort to taking sleeping pills

Intake of sleeping pills can however predispose a person to snore at a high voice than usual. You can find other means to induce sleeping rather than resorting to sleeping pills.